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The purpose of these pages is to provide a resource for players of strategy games -- in particular, turn-based board games. Chess variants are currently what is featured. These include examples from my own collection. I am just starting this page (lo', though it has been promised for over a year -- seems I have more want than able sometimes :>). I hope that you enjoy the postings here, and will visit from time to time for updates.


  • Shahmot.
    Shahmot is a "game system" which features the namesake(Shahmot), Alliance, and Feudalism. Shahmot is a commercial product from Anthony Britton and Britton Enterprises.

  • Laser Chess.
    Laser Chess, Advanced Laser Chess, and Fields of Domination are from Mike Duppong.

  • LaserChess '98
    LaserChess '98 is by Chris Fuchs and Blue Carpet Software.

  • Photon Chess by DHC Electronics.
    A rip-off of Laser Chess, for Windows 3.1.

  • The Chess Variants page.
    Put out by Games Magazine(?).

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