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Introducing Shahmot:

  • Shahmot is a chess-variant
    by Anthony Britton and Britton Enterprises.

  • Shahmot uses the same moves and pieces as does chess. Where Shahmot differs from standard chess play is in the layout and configuration of the board, and the pieces on it. (See: the example of the standard Shahmot configuration below.) As you would guess, Shahmot plays very much like chess. But, there are very important differences as well. Some are immediately appearent. Others are not so obvious. I have collected many of my (early) impressions about gameplay, and included them here.

  • What's in a name: SHAHMOT.
    There is a story behind it. (follow the link to find out...)

  • You can get Shahmot from several sources:
  • Direct from Britton Enterprises;
  • From Three Trolls Gaming's web-site;
  • From "GAMES Magazine" (for more info: call 800-426-3768, or write "Games, P.O.Box 469077, Escondido, CA 92046-9077")
  • Or, visit your local gaming shop -- they may have it!

  • (PLEASE NOTE: This is my initial effort in deploying this page. I have much to add. Please stop in from time to time to check in for (hopefully) regular updates. Or, write me with your comments. I'd love to hear from you!

    -MLW :)

  • The Shahmot "Alpha" Board

    Playing Shahmot:

  • Shahmot is usually referred to as "a" game. But it is much more than that. First of all, two other fundimental variations are included: "Alliance" and "Feudalism". (NOTE: "Feudalism" should not be confused with the strategic boardgame "Feudal", published by Avalon Hill.) So, it is really a set of games -- three(3) in all! But there is yet more...

    The "Shahmot" set of games can be played on boards of differing sizes. Currently, Britton Enterprises offers three: the "Alpha", the "Delta", and the "Gamma". Each board is of consequatively increasing size from the Alpha - the smallest, and shown above - to the Gamma - the largest. Each game utilizes one or more configurations of the chess pieces per board, giving four(4) "levels" of play per game.

    The effect of this (atleast, it seems to me) is that I now think in more and different ways about chess than I did before. And as well, about the possibilities of strategy gaming in general. The result is an impression of "Shahmot" as not being so much "a game", or even a "set of games", but is instead a Game System! ...Which happens to be very much like the modern chess of which we are all familiar.

  • Quick List of things which I will expound upon "tomorrow" (just getting it "down on paper", as it were):
  • The name is "Shahmot" (not "Shamot", as Tony had stated on the telephone). I need to make a note to "Rev" that he was correct on this point, and that I was mistaken.

  • Abridge Tony's explanation of "shahmot"
    with that of references cited by John Robbinson's book,
    and link that to the chess history and medieval history pages.

  • Compare the board layouts chosen, and question those that were not.
  • Compare to other enlarged board sets and games(chess variants).
  • What if: an unlimited board...   (or a hex board?).
  • Note its openness, and change of emphasis from control of the middle to flanking manuevers.

  • Moving pawns into the middle is still effective _ _ _ - ^ ^ - _ _ _ .

  • Agree that a Bishop is now worth 4 (from 3), but not 4.5! Because, it can switch -- but not entirely at will. How about other peices(?).

  • How about: play(4) with allies adjacent (instead of opposing), and cannot take allied peice? Must coordinate and cooperate.

  • Do not explicitly like the verbiage of *all* rules.

  • I like the cartesian coordinate system (center origin - geographic notaion), better than the *New* algebraic notation. The algebraic would be especially troublesome on "unlimited" boards, or anything bigger than the current maximum -- the "Gamma" board. Also, the cartesian system would work on a standards chess board without the requirement of a reference to another board as its origin.

  • Thanks! Please check back again soon for updates...


  • Getting your own Shahmot:

  • You can contact Anthony "Tony" Britton and Britton Enterprises at:

    Britton Enterprises
    2730 SW Orchard Hill Place
    Lake Oswego, ORegon
    97035-1163, USA

    or call:

  • For more info, send mail to:
    Matthew L. Wirkkala

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